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The Son of Hades

ISBN: 9781646280711, 1646280717

The Son of Hades is told by Euphemia, the storyteller, and she recounts the tale of Keegan Odysseus Donahue.


The story begins many ages ago, with the death of the youngest of the Graces at the hand of Hades. This act leads Zeus to make an edict that condemns any child of Hades to death.

Angelia, daughter of Hermes, visits Keegan’s mother, Lady Donahue, and whisks her and the small child away to live hidden from all who would carry out Zeus’s edict.

Having grown up in his father’s shadow, Keegan is hated and shunned by many, save for his own mother and the daughter of Hermes, until he meets a beautiful demigoddess, Helen Adonia, that takes a liking to him. But Helen is a descendant of the Graces and is therefore an heir of Hades’ curse, and now Keegan must set out to confront his father in order to save his friend.


With the heat of Zeus’s edict bearing down on his neck, Keegan will need all the help he can get to make it to the Underworld alive. Fortunately, Angelia and her companion, Delma Chantal, have decided to accompany him on his quest.

Boy from the Clouds

ISBN: 0996593748

"Once upon a time there was a little girl. This little girl loved to look at the clouds as she lay in the grass of the field of her favorite hilltop. She would stare up at them all day, and while she stared, she would think to herself, 'How do I get up to that cotton candy? I wonder what white tastes like.' One day, while a colossal cloud was passing overhead and while the little girl was gazing, a ball began to form in the cloud and take shape. The ball turned into a little boy."


These are the words that set you on your journey into the world of the Boy from the Clouds, a whimsical fairy tale and introductory Children's Chapter book. It tells the tale of a little girl on earth and a little guy from the sky, and how their friendship and love prove stronger than their very different worlds.​

ebook cover.jpg
The Search for Dawn
and Other Creative Works

ISBN: 9780463155011

The Search for Dawn and Other Creative Works contains three narratives of fantasy, science fiction, and suspense.

The Search for Dawn is a tale of a brother’s harrowing journey to find his missing sister. He scours the earth for her, and, when he finally locates her, she is in the clutches of one with a large chip on his shoulder. As beings beyond man’s grasp, the decisions of Dawn and her brothers Dusk and Twilight are capable of destroying the world as we know it.

Miles is an average Joe with a kind heart, he just has a problem managing his time; but, when mysterious baby, Tina Imani Madison Emerson, is left on his doorstep, he gets more time than he could possibly bargain for. Much more.

Strout, inspired by Killings by Andre Dubus, is a suspenseful tale of a man’s final moments, told by the man himself. Beginning to his end.

Reflections_Images and Memories.jpg
Reflections: Images and Memories -
2017 Pamlico Writers' Group Anthology

ISBN: 1979093156

Reflections: Images and Memories is a collection of exemplary writing, consisting of prose and poetry. This volume represents a collage of work by published authors and emerging writers. Pamlico Writers’ Group is particularly honored to include prose and poetry from high school students—young emerging writers to whom we entrust the future of literature.


Each writer whose work is included in the anthology has expertly crafted a piece around his or her own interpretation of this year’s theme—Reflections: Images and Memories. The collection is the culmination of hard work, and, with this anthology, the Pamlico Writers’ Group is proud to deliver its finest product to date.

Vim and Vigor, by K. Dupree, a story of brothers in a desperate situation, is one of these brilliant tales.

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